Ladies!!! Charlotte is amazing! I just got my eyes done with fillers and my lips and my forehead and brow lift with Botox!! She treats you as a friend not just a number! She has checked on me everyday! The day of the service was so sweet and made me feel at ease and like I've known her forever. Please don't skimp and use Groupon, she is the real deal with real products!! Oh forgot to mention she is a doctor!

Lyn D.

I am, well ... let's just say .. in my very, very, late 40s and early 50s .  I had considered botox for the dreaded lines on my forehead.  You know the ones .. the  1 1 ‍.  Well, it had been bothering me so much, for quite some time, so i decided to chat with Dr. Sarshad and get the 411 on my 11 lol lol .   

I was very nervous about taking this step.  I'm not your usual gal that walks around with tons of make up, eyelashes, hair done .. now, not because i don't think it's awesome ... but because i'm just too tired from work and maybe a little, lazy for the maintenance.  I wanted a natural ...yes, i got 8 hours of sleep- kind of look.  

Dr. Sarshad, LISTENED .. to me .. she really wanted to know what my concerns were and what i was hoping to gain.  She was realistic, honest, and patient.   I didn't want to walk out of there .... with that deer in headlights look ... u know.. the one.   . She assured me that i would not look  like that.  I'm glad i trusted her! 

She used the appropriate amount of botox for my features and explained each step as she went along.   No.,it didn't hurt .. it's like no big deal.  She has Angel  hands.  

I was so happy with the results that i told my older sister about Dr. Sarshad.  She is now planning a 1 1/2 hour drive to see Dr. Sarshad.   With so many places now calling themselves "aesthetic spas" it's scary to get fillers/botox with just anyone !  Reputation is everything... and Hundavi has always provided the best. ...  Thank You, Dr. Sarshad!

Indi H.

Dr. Sarshad is fantastic! She has done my Botox two times.  I am extremely happy with it.  She is very thorough in deciding what would be best for my face and my budget.  First she goes over with me all the areas I want to work on, then she tells me how much it will cost.  Then we decide what's most important for me based on my budget.  I also had her do dermal fillers for me.  I am thrilled with the results.  My face looks very natural and again she is very thorough with what I want most based on my budget.  She is personable and relatable. I feel she is a true artist with medical aesthetics.  She started offering B12 shots as well and I am doing those now too.  After getting the B12 shot, I was able to sleep better and seem to be more focused in my thinking.  I highly recommend her and will continue to see her in the future for follow up procedures.

Randi T.

Dr.Sarshad was super kind and extremely easy to talk to, she listened to my concerns, and helped create a profile that met my financial limitations. She was patient and very professional! Not to mention that one week after the treatment we met for a follow up and I was so happy, she hit everything spot on the first try. I am SO impressed and I LOVE it!!!!! thank you thank you thank you!!!

Marci F.

Dr.Charlotte Sarshad has magic hands. I highly recommend her services to women / men who want amazing results to look 10+ years younger! I've had botox and filers and love the results. I look natural and younger not fake. She gives professional advice and does not push unnecessary products, Which I love. She goes above and beyond with customer service and follow ups with me to ensure I love my results and checks up on how I am feeling. She even sends me reminders of activities not to do before treatment. :]

Johannah G.

Dr.Sarshad is simply the best! I see her once a month for my B12 shots ( always feel energized) that seems to work for a week. She is also very artistic and has a soft touch when administrating botox and fillers. You'll always look natural.

Monica C.

Wearing my Limelife foundation and Botox on my forehead by Dr Charlotte Sarshad Parvizyar! Dr Sarshad is absolutely amazing!! She takes her time to make sure everything is PERFECT! I'm so happy with my results!

Haley B.